Thursday, August 14, 2008

The T-nite Sagas .....

What forces a 25 year old guy who's backpacked throughout Europe to get up on stage in front of 300 odd people and start shaking his booty on "Choli ke peeche" (Clarification: This was NOT ME, pls do not request such a performance!) ... Add to this the fact that this guy is one from an elite batch of 300; chosen for one of the most academically rigorous programs in the world - just one word - "T nite"

Some call it a Talent nite, some call it Togetherness nites ... for me it was just coupla Tough nites... Really tough, really really tough. If you think the worst part about IIM A was the mammoth HR cases, or the surprise Accounting quizzes - T nite was a notch above. 4 days - 80 people - Run, draw, paint, dance, sing, jump, dance, act, shout, cheer, jeer, dance, choreograph, cry, laugh, think ... did I mention dance !!! ~ 16 hours to present a 40 minute show to one of the most rowdy (even Bihar doesn't match) audiences in the country - all to defend the honor for your section... and the tag sticks for years to come! To give you a glimpse of what we did .. here's a "kutti" vid (a word i learnt from the Tam junta in the class)

So great is the impact that a day later, when a certain consulting biggie was on campus for a talk, they started off congratulating the winning section and anecdotes were shared ranging from ancient batches to this year. And surprisingly, every one of us identified with what they said and couldn't stop rolling eyes and letting out innocent smiles. All things said, it was one hell of a management experience - time management, people management, marketing, accounting, and dance :) - I finally agree that I too can dance ... after years of slumbering dance bones at IITB and being amazed at a brother with a rubber body - the genes have awakened... Alas, the sprains and pains ruin the nostalgia!

So many random thoughts... Almost forgot to mention, I was lucky enough to attend my convocation in the midst of Tnites (Sorry guys, but I had to leave you for a day) minus the trouble of a rehearsal or the golden opportunity to hear the President's speech ;) ... Double victory !

More random cribs later ...
Auf wiedersehn

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PritS said...

One hell of an experience it was. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We all will remember it for the rest of life.

Parcel, didn't know that there was a dancer hidden in you. You dance from your heart and that makes is so much fun and inspiring to watch.

And yes, hats off to your energy and enthu. Will keep looking up to you whenever I need some motivation.