Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ahmedbad -> Paris -> Ahmedabad

Adding to a week long struggle between Mumbai, Gurgaon & Ahmedabad is a 2 day trip to Paris. Proving my point about an absolutely impulsive life is the fact that I got a job offer around 4:30 pm yesterday ... planned a trip in 30 min ... went shopping and borrowing stuff all across campus till 1 am ... started packing at 3 am ... and reached the airport at 7 am.

At Ahmedabad airport right now, I'm awaiting the huge line of gujjus ahead of me to shorten down substantially, don;t care even if I'm the last guy to board :-/ ... Even with a working wi-fi connection, Ahmedabad will still be Ahmedabad... For the past 10 min, Emirates hostesses are shouting out announcements for a kirtiben shah and a shardaben patel ...


Monday, February 15, 2010

News - how credible are they?

Just opened yesterday's newspaper to see how "IIMA's placements" have panned out [And I'm part of the placement committee :P]. Nothing like a media angle to any phenomenon.

To elucidate my point, here's the scene - Only around 3 - 5 banks visited campus ... as against thrice the number of consulting firms. And this is the kind of picture the outside world gets to see:

Brings me to wonder - any news article CANNOT be taken as truth with closed eyes. So, if the media isn't playing the role of archiving human history in an unbiased manner, who is? Humanity needs an unbiased and accurate custodian - maybe this could be a business idea ... to establish a stream of news / data that cannot be disputed. And with the emergence of hip, constantly buzzing social media I don't think it's a far away dream.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Of interviews and cults...

Placements time is here again, and although I've been *part* of four placement processes at IIM-A now, things are way too different when you are in the process rather than running it. For e.g., as a student rep you are aiming to get 300 commodities placed into 100 firms in the best way possible. And as an applicant you are 1 unique person looking for that 1 unique firm that can be your springboard to a splendid career. It is and has been very difficult to change modes from one mindset to the other - but I think I have the hang of it now!

On a lighter note, found this utterly hilarious video on a colleague's status message. Has brought a smile to many faces on campus; hope it does here too :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Lost the competition & the sexy N97 yesterday ... even after the intensive night out... :(

Today was a new day (yesterday was actually, it's 2:40 am!) - won an iPod nano 8 GB today ... this was all due to an impulsive entry to a competition on campus

One more impulsive, quick entry to a contest 2 months back got me a Paris trip in Feb :-)

Impulsiveness is hence my forte. Note to self, trust your guts.


Friday, February 5, 2010

The woes of technology

Worked on a pseud presentation all night - flash, awesome intro music, automatic slides ... basically the works. Goofed up the presentation on multiple levels:

  • Only team to be dressed in suits... even the presenters were dressed casually :-)
  • Carried the ppt on the pendrive - forgot all supporting sounds, videos etc..
  • Summarized calculations on a slide ... left the comprehensive original calculations on a worksheet on another team member's comp.
At stake are sexy N97 minis :-( ... Let's see how the results turn out.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Late night tubing

Nearing the end of my studies at IIM Ahmedabad, somehow I find that sleep eludes me for long long hours in the night as I get geared for the upcoming placements season. Hope that good amount of prep helps me get that one chance at a dream career ... in the meanwhile, I take a break with the following video :-)