Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the steaming orange city...

In Nagpur these days and how I hope I had chosen some other time of the year... The temperature just refuses to go below 47... And most hotel AC rooms are filled to the brim with long waiting lines :(

One respite I have is that am nearing the end of the market visit phase of my project and now's the time to deliver some results and insights...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the road...

It's been 7 days since I've left Mumbai for field work... and already it feels like it's been ages. With a twist of events, I landed up with a project working on my firm's rural distribution strategy and so I've travelled villages around Maharashtra for quite some time now... here are 5 things I never thought I would do in my life:

  1. Ridden 20 kms in an Mumbai size auto rickshaw with 7 other people
  2. Rode as a pillion rider on a bike without a helmet for 2 hours in the dark on a highway with no civilization for miles and miles
  3. Saw a village "bazaar"
  4. Spent time in a place without electricity for almost 10 hours
  5. Spent shitloads of money (which should be reimbursed soon :P) on a swanky hotel room, only to realise it would only be used for 8 hours of sleep and a bath later if I'm lucky!!!
I sincerely apologize to all the people I haven't been able to be in touch with ... my dear old reliance phone is outta battery, cos I was stupid enough to not carry a charger along anticipating a short trip :P ... So mail me your phone nos. if u wanna know more about my adventures - another wonder of modern technology, anywhere I go - there's some telephone network coverage ... which brings along email, google maps and all my work along :|

Here are some pics from my "adventures":

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In the mumbai ;)

Back home ... it's hot, humid, crowded but it's still my first love :)

Past few days have been bad ... Ahmedabad > Delhi > Gurgaon> Delhi > Ahmedabad > Mumbai > Navi Mumbai > ??? ... After a major reshuffling of my original project, I am still pretty unsure about what lies ahead. But I ain't complaining ...thanks to some good perks :

  1. An awesome extended week at home which I spent up sleeping and eating (cos my mom insists I've grown thinner :P )
  2. A chance to attend my Junior's Valfi at IIT Bombay (priceless)
  3. Playing on my brand new Nokia E63 :)
Cheers all around ...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Youtube again :)

Here's a sweet short (not really that short) video about smiling. Coincidentally, I've been in a perky mood ever since exams ended. And I've decided to go with the short span of happiness I have instead of worrying about the happy moments being lost to some impending doom; and I'd recommend you do the same ...

The end of an eventful year at Wimwi

Learnt a lot... forgot most of it ... hated the pressure... loved the experience ... lived a life !

Time to let down my hair (figuratively ... otherwise, its always down :D) and PARTYYY ...

Edit: Going by the general trend amongst my batchmates, I feel compelled to proclaim:

"I have survived"