Saturday, August 30, 2008

The bitter truth of life

They say it's always good to be a kid at heart ... try doing that and see how life spits at you in the worst possible ways.

Consider this situation :

Who would u choose if a mad judge gave you the option of choosing 3 ppl from your mom, dad, brother and sister and the remaining one goes to the gallows?... or that all 5 of you rot in separate cells, who would u choose ??

Quite similar to the choices I am facing right now !

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What kinda personality are u??

I am a field marshall :) ... Maybe I am right for a MBA !

Thank God I finally know now ... how lost would I have been if somebody asked me what my personality type was over a date !

ENTJ - "Field Marshall". The basic driving force and need is to lead. Tend to seek a position of responsibility and enjoys being an executive. 1.8% of total population.
Take the test here

Extroverted (E) 57.14% Introverted (I) 42.86%
Intuitive (N) 52% Sensing (S) 48%
Thinking (T) 52.17% Feeling (F) 47.83%
Judging (J) 51.72% Perceiving (P) 48.28%

(These are the kinds of tests you get to administer when you choose HR... maybe HR as an option won't be bad after all)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Confidence rocks.... over-confidence kills !

Had this concept drilled back into my head today. 4 years of engineering made me confident about numbers and probabilities... but 2 quizzes at IIMA got me crossing the threshold to overconfidence ... Screwed the midterm to score just about the class average :( ... Hopefully, the battle is not yet lost and I'll get a chance to pop back !

Dreading other results to be announced !


Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Ode to Crushes...

Original composition .. hence the amateur verses !

Crushes begin in the sandbox
Stealing smiles amidst paper-scissor-rock
They roll their eyes
You break all ties
They flash a smile
You blush a while
They say you're smart
You hold your heart
They peck your cheek
Your limbs go weak
The sun rises, they leave
You hold your breath for the next eve
Scanning faces with eyes that believe
Only to prove that you are naive

The body enters a new place
The heart begins a new phase
Kaleidoscopes of many new faces
Rainbows of lives full of graces
And then the mind of the bard
Flashes a new placard
Is this the one?
Who'll make your life fun...

Crushes begin in the sandbox

No matter how much ya bug me, my latest crush is one that goes to my grave with me ;) ... or till the time I get tipsy enough to confess it ...

Friday, August 22, 2008

This ones for all the baaps, bhais and bacchas from IITB ...

Here u go guys, the repost from Algo when I left IITB ;)

Half an hour before ALGO was “finally” sent to be printed, I was requested out of the blue to write a ‘senti message’ on behalf of my batch… 30 minutes to sum up nearly 4 years of experiences, 30 minutes to pen down the perceptions of around 80 of my hostelmates, I thought I would hit a dead end writing this but somehow words are overflowing in my mind…

A very cliché way to begin would be by saying that I remember my first day at Hostel 13 … my first day at IITB - I remember the day I gawked at the beautiful hotel-like structure that stood before me, I remember the relief I felt when I found out that my room was not be shared with other species of the animal kingdom, I remember the fear I felt when some seniors said that H13 had no culture and the thrill it gave me to go through the welcome document compiled by the first freshie batch in the hostel, unfortunately meant for us … the last freshie batch of hostel 13. I remember the thrill it gave our huge freshie batch to sneak into SkyB after 10 to watch the most tattimax movie ever made – and the scolding the GSec gave us after that… I remember the roars of cheers 13 had, which deafened one and all in the LT…

We were titans … rightly so, there were just 2 groups in the insti, one was from 13, and everyone else against it … I remember the things our group of freshies & our seniors did … We swam with cramped legs, we anti-cheered with such zeal that even fifthies were put to shame, we forgot about quizzes altogether to work for the PAF, we ran cross-country races not to win, but just to put others to shame – others who claimed that 13 was good only for numbers and had no culture, others who shouted things like “insti ka dustbin” (!) … I remember the GBMs we had in the skyB where groups of freshies questioned even the warden, I remember the fights we had in the comproom over miniscule things like chatting v/s acads and the water fights we had followed by all of us, both crackuA1 and phoduC1 cleaning the hostel on our knees, I remember people coming to 13 from all over the insti to study before the exams – the inverse never held true, afterall we were titans, the brightest and the best…

The sophie year separated many of us from each other… but gave us access to a wonderful batch of seniors, seniors who up until a year ago had been kids, seniors who stepped up and metamorphosised to make sure we did all the chutiyaaps we could as sophies… seniors who took us to treats and who took treats from us … Sophie year was the first time I truly felt that a valfi was time to bid adieu, say goodbye to some of the most closest people in your lives, time to take leave of your second family…

The third year was one of power, the power Team Techfest gave me, the reverence of the ignorant freshies, the awe of the fresh sophies entering the home of the Centaur5. The academics went haywire with seminars, projects and electives alike... but then there was a certain feeling of knowing the workarounds that gave u reassurance!

It is almost time to go now… I speak for every single one of my batchmates when I say “We will miss the life we had here, the liberty to walk up to any door at 3 in the night to ask for some company, the freedom to trust anyone with some of our most hidden aspects, the chance to start anew everyday of our life here, the balls to speak up and question anything that upsets us, the groups to crib about some of the most miniscule of things, the teams to stand by us even when the rest of the world isn’t, the seniors who would lend us their fundaes without a qualm, the juniors who respected us and took our words without a question, the loyalty we had for H13, the home we found in IITB”


Rahul S. K.

H13, IIT Bombay.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This number has defined me for the past 4 years ... The 18th student in the 7th department (EE) of the 2004 batch at IITB ... Surprisingly, even though I had a relatively eventful undergrad life - the things that I remember the most are the mistakes I made and the things I vowed never to do again. If only the journey between words and deeds was much easily traveled, the world would be a much much better place!
Speaking of the world and places, China and India are THE places to be today... everyone is soo pumped up about the arrival of a new threshold. A few years back through those numerous elocutions and debates in school, the best line to use was the 21st century modern India. Something that the teachers inserted in the speeches and we repeated without an inkling of the implications... But today, I am kinda proud to be an Indian, and I actually aspire to do something to make India a better place. Thanks to so many patriotic songs, movies, speeches etc. "India first" has become a part and parcel of my life !
The mention of the word 'parcel' brings a faint smile upon the face ... That's what people call me here :) . The reason - I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you !!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The T-nite Sagas .....

What forces a 25 year old guy who's backpacked throughout Europe to get up on stage in front of 300 odd people and start shaking his booty on "Choli ke peeche" (Clarification: This was NOT ME, pls do not request such a performance!) ... Add to this the fact that this guy is one from an elite batch of 300; chosen for one of the most academically rigorous programs in the world - just one word - "T nite"

Some call it a Talent nite, some call it Togetherness nites ... for me it was just coupla Tough nites... Really tough, really really tough. If you think the worst part about IIM A was the mammoth HR cases, or the surprise Accounting quizzes - T nite was a notch above. 4 days - 80 people - Run, draw, paint, dance, sing, jump, dance, act, shout, cheer, jeer, dance, choreograph, cry, laugh, think ... did I mention dance !!! ~ 16 hours to present a 40 minute show to one of the most rowdy (even Bihar doesn't match) audiences in the country - all to defend the honor for your section... and the tag sticks for years to come! To give you a glimpse of what we did .. here's a "kutti" vid (a word i learnt from the Tam junta in the class)

So great is the impact that a day later, when a certain consulting biggie was on campus for a talk, they started off congratulating the winning section and anecdotes were shared ranging from ancient batches to this year. And surprisingly, every one of us identified with what they said and couldn't stop rolling eyes and letting out innocent smiles. All things said, it was one hell of a management experience - time management, people management, marketing, accounting, and dance :) - I finally agree that I too can dance ... after years of slumbering dance bones at IITB and being amazed at a brother with a rubber body - the genes have awakened... Alas, the sprains and pains ruin the nostalgia!

So many random thoughts... Almost forgot to mention, I was lucky enough to attend my convocation in the midst of Tnites (Sorry guys, but I had to leave you for a day) minus the trouble of a rehearsal or the golden opportunity to hear the President's speech ;) ... Double victory !

More random cribs later ...
Auf wiedersehn

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

End of the first exams ....

It was kinda dissapointing .... a month and a half of grueling classes end in 3 days flat :) ... Anyways it's time to look forward to my tnite and convo !!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Test post using email

Still Velaofying ... (In case you don't know this word, it's a part of hinglish - the Indian way of getting back at the British)

Finally ... the saga begins

With all ways of wasting my time being exhausted... I turn to inaugurate this online piece of me ... As a policy, the address stays hidden until I get something substantial to boast about :)

Got an ID (Individual Dynamics) exam in the morning, at 9 .... it's 00:45 and I've completed 10% of the syllabus - This just goes on to show how the efficiency of mugging rises exponentially as the exam comes nearer ... or rather "Difficulties bring out the best in a person"

Bear with me on this theory ... "If practice makes perfect" and "Difficulties bring out the best in one" are individually true, shouldn't one wait till the situation is difficult, reach his best potential temporarily and repeat / practice this multiple times so that one becomes perfect at being the best possible :) ...

So going forth by this twisted logic ... I'll try to be vela for some more time !!!