Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Ode to Crushes...

Original composition .. hence the amateur verses !

Crushes begin in the sandbox
Stealing smiles amidst paper-scissor-rock
They roll their eyes
You break all ties
They flash a smile
You blush a while
They say you're smart
You hold your heart
They peck your cheek
Your limbs go weak
The sun rises, they leave
You hold your breath for the next eve
Scanning faces with eyes that believe
Only to prove that you are naive

The body enters a new place
The heart begins a new phase
Kaleidoscopes of many new faces
Rainbows of lives full of graces
And then the mind of the bard
Flashes a new placard
Is this the one?
Who'll make your life fun...

Crushes begin in the sandbox

No matter how much ya bug me, my latest crush is one that goes to my grave with me ;) ... or till the time I get tipsy enough to confess it ...


Sameer said...

Wahwah ... kitna vela hai tu

PritS said...

kaun hai vo ladki...
rahti hai vo kaha???
d1 d2 or d11?? :P