Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally ... the saga begins

With all ways of wasting my time being exhausted... I turn to inaugurate this online piece of me ... As a policy, the address stays hidden until I get something substantial to boast about :)

Got an ID (Individual Dynamics) exam in the morning, at 9 .... it's 00:45 and I've completed 10% of the syllabus - This just goes on to show how the efficiency of mugging rises exponentially as the exam comes nearer ... or rather "Difficulties bring out the best in a person"

Bear with me on this theory ... "If practice makes perfect" and "Difficulties bring out the best in one" are individually true, shouldn't one wait till the situation is difficult, reach his best potential temporarily and repeat / practice this multiple times so that one becomes perfect at being the best possible :) ...

So going forth by this twisted logic ... I'll try to be vela for some more time !!!

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