Monday, February 15, 2010

News - how credible are they?

Just opened yesterday's newspaper to see how "IIMA's placements" have panned out [And I'm part of the placement committee :P]. Nothing like a media angle to any phenomenon.

To elucidate my point, here's the scene - Only around 3 - 5 banks visited campus ... as against thrice the number of consulting firms. And this is the kind of picture the outside world gets to see:

Brings me to wonder - any news article CANNOT be taken as truth with closed eyes. So, if the media isn't playing the role of archiving human history in an unbiased manner, who is? Humanity needs an unbiased and accurate custodian - maybe this could be a business idea ... to establish a stream of news / data that cannot be disputed. And with the emergence of hip, constantly buzzing social media I don't think it's a far away dream.


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