Sunday, January 25, 2009

Republic day is back again ;)

Just back after some exhausting dance practice, and finally now I think I'm getting the hang of how to dance. I pity the girls in the group who have to wake up in the morning, get all fresh, wear loads of makeup, and dance well on stage at 9 am in freezing weather - maybe I'll wake up and head there to cheer them up after all :)

So, in 22 years of my life I am bound to have celebrated atleast 18 "Republic Day" anniversaries - 26th Jan - the day when India became a Republic - a day when India adopted its constitution - the fallout of the event is still unclear to even a self-proclaimed patriot like me. So here I turn to Wikipedia for the "accepted" public version.

On the republic day, India hosts a head of state from some other nation - a symbol of how much the other country matters in India's foreign policy. This year it's going to be the president of Kazakhstan... How long has ONGC had its eyes on those oil fields for? ... It's not like inviting a president to your country is just like asking out someone for a movie now, or is it?

The initial thought to write this post stemmed from my anger over a constitution that is vague about a lot of things, absurd about some and simply powerless about the others... but all this knowledge search seems to have grilled down the tempo - I've felt this for long, it's time to stop being a manager and start being a leader, or atleast try to start being one... in whatever small way is possible

Jai Hind !!!

PS: Too much blogging these days, need to spend lesser time here ;) mental note made


vandana said...

ur opinion is less clear except that it shows that u r unhappy with unclear constitution

Vitruvian said...

Precisely ... I'm unhappy about it, but i feel writing about it wont do any good.. gotta find ways to be more proactive ... ur suggestions would be most welcome

Jiten said...

Well republic day holds a alltogether different meaning for me. Lost so many friends this day in 2001.Ya I feel our consti needs a lot of refinement.I think we require more political scientists to sharpen it a newer way said...

While we have a lot to be proud of on India's Republic Day, we also have to remember that we still have a long way to go. The youth of our country are the ones who can help India reach a point where every child is educated, and every person has food to eat; where health care and clean water are available to every citizen.

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