Sunday, January 18, 2009

The guilt of being privileged

Even an eternal cribster like me feels too privileged to crib today. Just got back from a 12-hour long trip to the Little Rann of Kutch from near Ahmedabad. The life of the salt pan workers there screams of exploitation every second of every day... The next post I write would be from one of their perspectives, rite now I post here a video (not embeddable surprisingly) which got my mind still anticipating what I would witness before embarking on this trip, and as gruesome as it may seem, everything from this video is true. I thank my luck (or God, since I haven't really been able to convert to an atheist completely) for the life I have and hope to make a difference in some of theirs someday.



Jiten said...

This is simply supreb. Rahul why dont you opt for a full time career in journalism. Kudos

Vitruvian said...

No leg pulling allowed :D

anuj said...

very well said......we too have pains in our life....but its nothing compared to pains a salt farmer faces. not even equal to pain he suffers in a single day.