Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Chaos before CHAOS ....

IIM-A is getting ready for Chaos, and the last week has been chaotic - quite literally . Imagine this schedule

Day 1 - A 500 word report outlining the systems in a local mid/large size company
Followed by a surprise quiz

Day 2 - A 500 word report based on loads of research on a topic chosen by the facult
Followed by a surprise quiz - from a subject which there was no mention of any quizzes happening altogether <>

Day 3 - A 1 page submission on observations from a 20 min discussion to be arranged by every student between 2 people on a debatable topic- every section would need about 80 different topics and discussions.
Followed by a surprise quiz (Are you getting the hang of this?)
Followed by a 2 hour long guest lecture

Day 4 - A 1500 word report on the sales and distribution strategy of a company with a presentation in class
Followed by a surprise quiz !!!
Followed by another 2 hour long guest lecture

Day 5 - Coming tomorrow.. And I dread what it's gonna bring. Coincidentally Chaos starts tomorrow and we have 2 other submissions rite after Chaos - yipeee ~~~~

Club this with hours of dance practice, chaos work and club interactions and you get a very very tired parcel !


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Welcome to WIMWI :)