Monday, December 22, 2008

New day, new crib

The weather in Ahmedabad is to die for ... but exams are approaching, and I have no good company to walk around in this weather... A gujarati friend told me they term such a climate "Gulabi Thandi" - just the right amount of warmth and cold ~~

I so want to write, but thoughts are plentiful and need some structure, so they wait for some other fair day

Also, happy that i'm going home soon - 30th Dec, my bday too :)

Still pondering if new year's eve deserves a grand bash with frenz and intoxication or a sober entertaining affair with family at home ... seems like a nobrainer tho !!!

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Sid said...

This gulabi thandak term is also used in Lucknow and is one of the most beautiful weather days. And you know, a walk in campus around midnight is really 'gulabi' ;)