Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kyunki Tom bhi kabhi Jerry tha

Just remembered a funny incident in class from a few days back

A very tired and angry father goes home to find his 9 year old daughter watching Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" late in the night. Furious, he scolds her :-

Father: What is this nonsense, why don't you watch Tom and Jerry like we used to in our childhood !!!

Daughter: Dad, are you joking - this is thousand times more entertaining and unpredictable... :)

To the uninitiated "Kyunki saas... thi" is a ridiculously popular soap which has seen common life defy all laws of nature like spontaneous and mass memory loss, rebirth, immortal humans, women that don't age and kids that grow 10 years in a day ... And these are all just the first season, now why would anyone not find this entertaining :P

Here's a youtube video on the Indian version of tom and jerry - pretty cute :)

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kyun ki...imagination is not bound by real life so .....who cares if actors turn 20yrs older in one episode or die and return....its all about captivating the as u rightly said.... thousand times more entertaining and unpredictable... :)i do not support kyun ki nor did anyone at my hose watch the shit......but still as for the creative writer...hats off to captivating the audience for such a long time............