Friday, November 28, 2008

ISI Chief summoned by New Delhi

(Disclaimer: My opinions, my views... Please do not quote these as a source anywhere!)

Finally it's a move that speaks of some spine on the part of the Central Government, never before have I heard of such a bold move in the international political scenario. What good would a mano-a-mano in New Delhi do for the PM is something a rookie like me can't understand. There would be similar chants of "condemning terrorist attacks" by the Zardari colleague no matter where they are... Maybe the Pakistani administration has nothing at all to do with these attacks, but would they accept the allegations at face value just because they happen to be in Indian territory?

Waiting eagerly for the responses from across the border, and wondering just what a huge amount of our national resources would be spent ensuring security for probably the most unpopular guy in the country !!!


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