Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bell the CAT - Tips from a guy who got lucky :)

With CAT around the corner, and all those of you who care enough to prepare for it. Here's some stuff that helped me in the last few days: (Feel free to add on stuff through comments, I'll edit the post accordingly)*

  1. Mock CATs : Make sure you have got enough Mock CATs in your belly, the syllabus is restricted to the minimum of all 10th boards (To spare the anguish of different papers for doctors, engineers, CAs and so on). There's only so much they can do to frame new questions. Learn how to solve questions you don't from the Mock CATs - if you are unlucky enough, all 75 odd questions turn out to be those you thought would never come and never cared for !
  2. Strategize : You just need to get about 30% questions right in every section. Right at the start, decide how much time you need to give to each section (based on Mock CAT experiences) - Look at the total number of questions in the section, start reading, choose and solve the easy ones, and keep track of the number you have answered. As soon as you are confident that you've scored 30% of the total score in the section - Move on to the next. Repeat the cycle and read the remaining questions when you've got some surplus time left.
  3. Don't compare : CAT is not meant to be solved completely in 2.5 hours, so don't fret if the girl sitting next to you has solved 3 questions more - (compliment "her" if you see some future there though ;) ).
  4. Know your fractions : Although I never did, many people claim knowing things like 1/16 helps you in the exam.
  5. Look for candies : Someday, some papersetter might decide to give you an easy break with putting in some absurd options. Try to develop a knack for picking out that answer thats "screaming" to be picked. A little uncommon common sense like "evens don't add/subtract/multiply to odd numbers" , round numbers usually operate together to give answers in rounds etc... can save you a lotta effort.
  6. Choose well with verbal : It's smarter to answer questions where the answer flows from the question directly than to read questions where all 4 options need to be evaluated before a conclusion can be made. (Standard disclaimer applies)
Hope this is remotely helpful. If you happen to be reading this a day before CAT and haven't done any of the above - chill, it's a matter of how calm / lucky you are in those 2.5 hours.

More gyaan on the exam general prep by a fellow vela-iima-guy boondiii here


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havoc said...

hats off... awesome blog!

how bad is the change from no work to work (engineering coll to mba college)? some idea plz...

Vitruvian said...

Let's just say engineering was a vacation compared to the first few months at MBA school :)

Thanx for the compliment btw :)