Sunday, September 7, 2008

Parcel's list of things to do before 30

(FYI ... my dorm name at IIM A is parcel)
Feel free to make suggestions thro' email/ IM / comments

  1. Sing in a Karaoke bar
  2. Dance before a crowd like noone's watching
  3. Make a really naughty prank call
  4. Crowd surfing at a concert
  5. Sky-dive
  6. Bungee jump
  7. Be in a near-death situation
  8. Confess a crush
  9. Go on a blind date
  10. Go biking in Goa
  11. Make a large anonymous donation
  12. Be a rebel for something good...
Awaiting many many more additions


No_Questions_Asked said...

"Confess a crush" ?!? before 30? may be before 3... You leave a lot to be desired mate :) btw ... anyway do something so that i can post on ur blog.

Vitruvian said...

Use the comments... can't risk having your naughty "jokes" on a public blog ...

Mohit said...


Vitruvian said...

Anytime ... isn't biking in deutschland workin out for ya ?