Friday, September 5, 2008

Orkut says: You are talented in many ways

How true ... just got my first "A" grade at IIM A. So what if it was a course on MS excel ;)

Also, just got a confirmation that I'll be getting an alumni scholarship award. Not a very big amount compared to the exorbitant fees that we pay here, but it's great news newayz - Now, only if I spend it wisely :)

Wish I was equally talented at writing huge reports- got a WAC submission (1000 words) due tomorrow at 12:30; and this one's a biggie worth 35% of the grade ... God help me !!!



Sid said...

In life, WAC happens :)
chill man... there is light at the end of first term :P

Vitruvian said...

That's the only thing that keeps us facchas going :)

Taran said...

alumni schol..
good one sucky! :)

PritS said...

Congrats dude... Looking for a small treat.. :)