Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's been way too long since I've written anything. Maybe my blog feels like an abandoned one, but I hope to back soon .. with many many things to cover:

  • Shodh Yatra - One week spent in Mizoram, without much of manmade luxuries to comfort me ... made some great friends, kept some strangers the way they were, introspected some, clicked a lot of photos, did a lot of toiling and finally blew up whole loads of money on plane tickets - Was it all worth it?
  • Grudges and keeping them - I've been holding a lot of em lately and don't know how to deal with em ... Somehow I can't seem to keep the friends I make, no matter how well we start off - I need a course on relationship management?
  • Umpteen thoughts about an MBA right after grad school and maybe a premature end to my tryst with education - was it really the right way given the blurry road ahead?
  • Hypocrisy - is there ever escaping it?
  • A saying I saw/heard somewhere - "Keep the things that don't make you happy away!" ... how my efforts to practice this have been going in vain :P


Deeba PAB said...

Love the last quote...hope 2010 is happy for you!

Lock Smith said...

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