Thursday, May 21, 2009 - losing my hard earned money :(

Stranded between the past and the present (UK and US) - India has a really screwed up format system... and I had to learn to be extra careful the bitter bitter way's calendar popup on the site rarely works, and so I have to end up typing in the date everytime I look /book a flight ... This menial task coupled with the dd/mm/yy vs. mm /dd/yy debacle led me to book a ticket for 27 September instead of 27th April and ofcourse the booking details prominently displayed my "booking date" as 27th April since I was trying to get a ticket the very same day. 

Finally after displaying 27/09/09 in all their forms on the website, I received an e-ticket post payment that said 27 - Sep - 09. WOULD ITHAVE KILLED YOU TO USE THIS FORMAT TROUGHOUT ??? And the airline and yatra promptly pocketed 750/- and 150/- each within the next few minutes when I had to cancel and take a 14 hour long train ride to Nagpur :(

Since then, I've borne a grudge against Yatra and Indigo ... grrr

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