Monday, October 6, 2008

India Shining ....

Had an opportunity to interact with one highly revered alumnus from IIM A a few days back.

Here's the gist of the conversation:
"The tables of the world have turned. No country that traditionally had an advantage of "information" still holds the trump. It's all up for grabs in the cyber world. Economies that were years ahead of the so called "third" world ones are now running helter-skelter putting together crumbled pieces of their worlds !"

The country that swore by capitalism has the government owning 80% of all homes today. The country that stood for royalty and imperialism today boasts of being ruled by migrants from its very colonies.The country that consider "population explosion" to be it's curse today sees the confluence of minds as a boon.
The tables have turned. It's time for a new beginning - the world's a blank slate and I wanna leave my mark unto it. India is the place to be, for me atleast. Won't end with a cliche "Jai Hind" or "Saare Jahaan... Accha" - Just a mild nudge to all my winged friends to reflect back upon those childhood days where you learnt about great civilizations, ideas, philosophies and inventions - all coming from similar roots. Time to give someone Her due acknowledgement !

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